Winning the Large Value Customer in 2018 – A Sales Leader’s Guide

Winning-the-large-value-customer-a-sales-leader's-guideLarge value customers are seen as the holy grail for many sales teams; recent research from McKinsey has found that many organisations aim for 40% of projected revenue to come from just 1% of customers. After all, closing just a couple of these customers can dramatically and positively impact your CAC to CLTV ratio (Customer Acquisition Cost to Customer Lifetime Value), hit or exceed your overall team target and bring in revenue that propels your company to a higher growth trajectory.

Winning the Large Value Customer in 2018 - A Sales Leaders Guide

Risk or reward

But with greater rewards come greater risks. These large value customers are extremely complicated and while failing to make the sale to them affects revenue there is also the lost opportunity of sales resources consumed by the prospect. Care must also be taken to avoid making deals on the wrong terms or promises that create severe post sales issues.

Winning large value customers

To start bringing in large-value customers, it’s vital to coach your sales team to give them the skills and confidence they need to land these customers. As a former VP Sales with over 30 years’ experience, and a passion for large value customers, we have developed this free e-book which will give insights on:

  • Getting your sales team to think big
  • Identifying the characteristics of a potential large value customer
  • Approaching the customer and discovering disruption
  • Building a winning business case
  • Red flags to be aware of and go/no-go qualifying milestones
  • Deal Coaching sessions, best practices
  • Sales skills, knowledge and behaviours needed in the sales team to open, manage and win large value customers

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Winning the Large Value Customer in 2018 - A Sales Leaders Guide