Our success accelerator program is designed to get newly hired sales team members to become effective and efficient net contributors to top line revenues in less time.

We see this as an integral component of our executive search services to make our clients & candidates more successful, faster.

The top three challenges that delay results from new hires are:

  • Lack of a sales-based on-boarding plan focused on specific time bound activities & including vital data for example: what exactly makes customers buy & what triggers a buying decision?
  • A dangerous assumption is that by hiring “A Players” – experienced people – they will “just figure it out”.
    The reality is that all too often the new hire loses motivation & the hiring manager begins to question if the right person was hired.
  • Remotely located managers and their new hires – the lack of face to face contact and cultural differences leads to confusion and loss of momentum.

Success accelerator programme aims to deliver a clear route to early success with a business based approach to the vital first 90 days both for the new hire and the hiring manager.

The five key components are:

  • Blueprinting success – It is vital to define what success looks like in measurable criteria such that both new hire and manager have a common understanding.
  • First 90 day business action plan – Having defined success for the role this must be incorporated in a first 90 day business action plan with interim 30-60-90 milestones.
  • Account plan – A systematic approach to accounts, territory or a user base is required to avoid losing existing business or delaying new business, the account plan addresses this with best practices & checklists.
  • Hiring manager roles and responsibilities – New hires carry the responsibility for their success but the hiring manager has a strong vested interest and a key role to play in the first 90 days of the new hire.
  • KPIs and milestones – Certainty over what is expected and when with clear objectives, measurable interim milestones + the right feedback and coaching are at the heart of success accelerator

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